overview ACE Track nurtures leaders who can lead the art, culture, and entertainment industry in a competitive environment.

ACE Track aims to educate cultural industry management professionals who possess expertise based on basic business knowledge. The program seeks balanced education for contents production and business skills from a PLAN-DO-SEE perspective.
program introduction
Program ACE (Art, Culture & Entertainment) Track
Degree MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Managers in the fields of arts
Managers or staffs of the field of arts, culture & entertainment commercial and government.
45 credits (15 courses)
* 24 Credits for Global ACE Core courses; 8 courses
* 21 Credits for General MBA Representative courses; 7 courses)
2 years (4 semesters)
* Classes are offered once on a weekday afternoon and Saturday.
The ACE program nurtures professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of the major issues and concepts surrounding the business fields in Art, Culture, and Entertainment. The program provides the foundation and guideline for a successful career in the industry by emphasizing both the depth of business knowledge education as well as the breadth of practical managerial experience.
- The unique curriculum allows students to gain specialized knowledge and skills different from general business education. (e.g. ACE Accounting & Taxation)
- The applied learning methods include not only traditional lectures, but also field- and case-studies as well as small group projects.
- The program provides a framework for developing and implementing effective marketing & sales strategies and delivers essential knowledge on global business practices, legal regulations, and ethics.
sample curiculum
Spring Fall
Year 1 - ACE Core courses (2 courses)
- MBA Core courses (2 courses)
- ACE Core courses (2 courses)
- MBA Core courses (2 courses)
Year 2 - ACE Core courses (2 courses)
- MBA Core courses (2 courses)
- ACE Core courses (2 courses)
- MBA Core courses (1 courses)
ACE core Courses 1. Understanding the ACE Industry
2. ACE Accounting & Taxation
3. Planning and Distribution of ACE Contents
4. Project Financing and Investment Analysis
5. Drama and Movie Production Practice
6. Theater Production Practice
7. Laws and Regulation of ACE Industry
8. Marketing Management
9. ACE Seminar I
10. ACE Seminar II
11. Organizational Behavior
12. Production Case Study
13. ACE Marketing Management

MBA Core Courses 1. Business Analysis and Strategic Planning
2. Marketing Strategy for Global Business
3. Global Strategic Management
4. Consumer Behavior
5. Advertising and Promotion Management
6. Service Marketing
7. Service Operations Management
8. Strategic Human Resource Management
9. Organizational Management
10. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
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