overview Digital Business Track is a specialized MBA program that is designed to educate management professional who are able to lead digital businesses.
Due to the dynamic improvement of IT technology and the emergence of smart media, digital businesses have become important and are converged with many other business areas. Managers in digital businesses require new managerial knowledge to be capable of managing digital convergence as a response towards the rapid environmental changes.
Beyond learning traditional business theories, the Digital Business Track aims at introducing new business concepts and paradigms, such as Web 2.0, open innovation, digital ecosystem, collective intelligence, and social media.
program introduction
Program Digital Business Track
Degree MBA(Master of Business Administration)
People who are seeking new business opportunities in digital business and want to enhance their capabilities for business innovation and new business creation.
Middle or high-level managers in digital business such as IT services, digital contents, software, telecommunication, e-commerce, electronics and home appliances, broadcasting, culture and art, electricity, intelligent transportation, finTech, and related governmental organizations.
45 credits (15 semester courses including 8 specialized courses)
2 years (4 semesters)
The program is the first digital business specialized MBA in korea.
The program aims to educate digital business experts who are able to lead business transformation based on digital convergence.
The program provides curriculums for (1) new business paradigms for the smart era, (2) prediction capability on industrial evolution and IT changes, and (3) dynamic capability such as change management, leadership, integration, coordination, scenario analysis skill, and strategic planning for middle and high-level managers in digital business.
Digital Business managers who will lead business innovation
and new business development in the smart era
High quality education specialized for business convergence
New paradigms
for the smart era
Prediction capability
on industrial evolution
and IT changes
Capability to respond
to radical changes
Target Students Middle or high-level managers and government officers in telecommunication, electronics and home appliances, broadcasting, digital contents, cultures and art, electricity, intelligent transportation, finance, healthcare, software, and IT services
Increased impact
of smart media
in many industries
based on IT
Acceleration of
changes in business
curriculum 예시 - Digital Business MBA courses consist of the following four domains. Future society and IT trends The courses aim to understand future society and IT trends, and to build the capability to prospect and to prepare for future business environment changes.

Understanding digital industries, policies, and legal framework The courses aim to understand digital industries, policies, and legal framework as convergence business environment.

Market analysis and competitive strategy The courses aim to build capabilities for new business development, digital innovation, competitive strategic planning, and change management.

Business methods and techniques The courses aim to learn business methods and techniques for digital business manners.
- The program’s curriculum comprises both specialized courses and elective courses from other MBA programs. Students should take at least 8 specialized courses and can select 7 courses freely from and all available MBA programs based on their interests.
sample curiculum
Specialized courses Recommended courses from other MBA programs
Semester 1 - Digital Media Technology
  and Business Trends
- Digital Industry and Policies
- Economics of Digital
- Marketing Management
- Financial Accounting
  and Corporate Taxation
- Organization Management
Semester 2 - Social Media and Business
- Digital Culture and
  Design Management
- Digital Business Models
  and New Business Creation
- Strategic Management
- Service Innovation and IT
- Consumer Behavior
Semester 3 - Digital Business Case Study
- Scenario Planning
- Business Data Mining
- Venture Creation
- Corporate Finance
- Global Project Management
Semester 4 - Convergence Innovations
  and Competition Strategy
- Content Planning and
- Copyright and Information Law
- Digital Business Field Study
- Marketing Strategy
- Business Analysis and
  Strategic Planning
- Change Management in
  Learning Organization
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