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01 Jungmin KimFinance TrackModeun Economy Research Institute Jungmin Kim picture I would like to talk briefly about three advantages of Finance track among numerous others. First of all, it offers great lessons taught by the best faculty in the country. Many of the faculty are current CFA Charter holders, so you can receive adequate education and field experience in the financial investment industry just be following the existing curriculum.

Secondly, it has a strong human network. You can develop a broader perspective of the financial industry precisely through this human network of various students working in equity and securities companies, banks, and private equity funds. Third, it operates an excellent scholarship program for students who take up the challenge to complete the CFA examinations. It offers a strong support to those who try to study through the CFA Education Association.
There are assistance programs made available through the MOU with the CFA Education Association. Both the Hanyang University Graduate School of Business, alumni, and current students will welcome you in your quest to become the best finance specialist.
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