overview Finance Track is designed for success in finance careers such as investment and corporate finance in today’s highly volatile environment. Students will be exposed to curriculum and topics covering CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Level 2 and 3 as well as traditional finance theories. Our Finance Track balances academic rigor with practical applications.

The Korean CFA Society is a strong partner of Hanyang University Business School and supports the Finance Track upon MOU. Our programs are customized to your needs which depend on your ultimate career goals. The field of Finance has two major disciplines, around which our program is formatted.

- Corporate Finance: Identifying and financing optimal investment strategies. Career opportunities in corporate finance, venture capital, real estate, global finance, research, etc.
- Investments: Handling securities such as stocks, bonds, derivatives, etc., and developing strategies to meet the goals of investors. Career opportunities are in banking, asset management, sales, trading, research, etc.
program introduction
Program Finance Track
Degree MBA(Master of Business Administration)
- MBA(Master of Business Administration)

- Interested in careers in
  * Finance sector : banking, securities, insurance, pension,
    asset management, risk management
  * Corporate finance functions in non-finance sectors
  * Financial decision making and research at government,
    nonprofit organization, legal services or academia
45 credits (15 courses)
2 years (4 semesters)
* Classes are offered on Wednesday afternoon and Saturday
* Thus, students have the option to retain their jobs, staying on
   career trajectories, whilst sophisticating professional networks.
Our Finance Track will provide students with the finance knowledge and skills required to become a valuable leader in financial functions and sectors.
Throughout the program students will be provided with : Preparation for CFA exams Global finance outlook Solid skills such as quantitative analysis, econometrics and financial engineering Traditional knowledge about finance
All classes are lectured by full-time professors of Hanyang University Business School or CFA Charterholders.
sample curiculum
Our specialized MBA program integrates mathematics, economics, statistics and programming tools with finance theories.
Spring Fall
Year 1 - Financial Economics
- Financial Statistics
- Corporate Finance
- Financial Analysis
- Practice in Financial Statistics
- Options and Futures
- Equity Investment
- Fixed Income Securities
Year 2 - Corporate Valuation
- Equity/AI Management
- Derivatives Management Strategy
- Investment Policy
- Financial Regulation and Ethics
- Risk Management and
- Performance Evaluation
- Investment : Theory and Practice
- Students are encouraged to complete the Corporate Finance course during their first semester.
- Requirement : Minimum of 9 core finance courses.
Finance Core Courses
(must take at least
9 courses among the following)
1. Financial Economics
2. Financial Institutions
3. Financial Regulation and Ethics
4. Financial Statistics
5. Practice in Financial Statistics
6. Corporate Valuation
7. Corporate Finance
8. Options and Futures
9. Risk Management and Performance Evaluation
10. Financial Management
11. Financial Analysis
12. Equity/AI Management
13. Equity Investments
14. Investment : Theory and Practice
15. Fixed Income Securities
16. Investment Policy
17. Derivatives Management Strategy
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