overview HCM Track is a unique MBA program that is designed to educate healthcare management professionals who are equipped with specialized management capabilities along with strategic mind-sets contribute to their organization’s future success.

The evolution of the health sector into one of the fastest growing, dynamic, and far-reaching industries in the world has fueled the demand for professionals with both business acumen and exceptional insight into the complexity of this intricate industry. The industry needs knowledgeable and creative leaders who help building the healthcare business of tomorrow which is more efficient and provides care to more people.

With Hanyang University Business School’s unparalleled resources and experience, the HCM Track provides the perfect environment for training such leaders.
program introduction
Program Healthcare Management Track
Degree MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Healthcare Management appeals to those interested in hospitals and other medical institutions, pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, government agencies, insurance organizations, and consulting firms that specialize in healthcare sector
45 credits (15 courses)
2 years (4 semesters)
The Healthcare Management Track aims to provide frameworks to understand the challenges of managing healthcare in a changing environment and the skills necessary to be effective in management roles.
The mission of the Healthcare Management Track program is to prepare graduates for positions of leadership in all aspects of healthcare sector.
The Healthcare Management Track builds on the established strength of management core to provide expertise in the unique elements and issues of the healthcare industry. The concentration in healthcare management focuses on management, financing, and economics of the healthcare sector.
Students learn about healthcare markets and factors that significantly influence decision making both at the level of the firm or organization and at the governmental and social policy level.
HCM-Track offers an intense, multi-dimensional professional development that prepares our graduates to contribute lasting value to healthcare organizations, of all kinds, wherever there are opportunities to make a positive difference for business and society.
  • - Specialized curriculums that focus on critical health industry issues, skills, and content relevant to filling key management roles in the broad and expanding health sector.
  • - Management-systems perspective : Graduates will gain, business knowledge and will be able to successfully apply critical and analytical thinking within a management-systems perspective.
  • - Solution and case-based learning.
  • - Guest speakers from leading companies and organizations that are at the forefront of today’s market issues and trends.
  • - Informational events and networking opportunities through the faculty and student-led Korea Healthcare Management Association
sample curiculum
Spring Fall
Year 1 - MBA Core courses (2)
- Healthcare Core courses (2)
- MBA Core courses (2)
- Healthcare Core courses (2)
Year 2 - Healthcare Core course (2)
- Elective or Core course (2)
- Healthcare Field Study
- Elective or Core course (2)
MBA core Courses
(must take at least
4 courses among the
1. Global Business
2. Global Operations Management
3. Strategic Management
4. Financial Management
5. Business Activities and Accounting Information
6. Management Information System
7. Business Statistics
8. Marketing Management
9. Organizational Behavior
10. Introduction to Economics

Healthcare core Courses
(must take the
following 6 courses)
1. Understanding of Global Healthcare Services Management and Health Industry
2. Principles of Healthcare Management
3. Management Strategy for Healthcare Institution
4. Healthcare Services Marketing
5. Quality Management in Healthcare Service
6. Healthcare Economics
Graduation Requirement
(must take to graduate)
Healthcare Management Field Study
Elective 1. Healthcare Operations Management
2. Healthcare Communication
3. Healthcare Policy
4. Comparative Healthcare Systems
5. Healthcare Statistical Analysis
6. Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis
7. In addition to the 6 elective courses above, students in the healthcare management program can select more courses from any courses offered in other MBA.
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