student epilogue
01 Soyoung ParkStrategic Project Management
Soyoung Park picture ‘Projects’ are important parts of various industries including construction and IT.
Through the Project Management MBA track of Hanyang University, you can develop your capabilities for Project Management from basic methodology to financial knowledge, contracting, and risk management. In addition, sharing solution or methodology used in each industry through the prior experience of classmates will be a lot of help to understand the theory and practical field. Appropriate interchange with other tracks will also be another pleasure. Through the Hanyang MBA, I wish you develop a better career and have an enjoyable school life
02 Hyukgoo KangStrategic Project Management
TrackBosch Industrial
Automation Business Field,
Technology Business
Hyukgoo Kang picture Hello, I’m Hyukgoo Kang, 72nd class of Project Management track.
I am working as a part of technical sales team the Bosch Rexroth automation division which is the industry automation division of the Bosch Group.
Motivation for Entering Hanyang MBA I first learned about the Project Management track of Hanyang MBA through a guest lecture at work in May 2011, and took interest. However, my interest grew further when I began to notice that my clients were mostly rather unsure of their own visions, which is not surprising as the role of Project Management in the field was simply defined as a ‘cost reduction and delivery compliance’. This was not good enough for me, and I was motivated to become a true industry expert through Hanyang MBA.
Academic Impression I had a basic understanding of business administration and project management before, but now I know them systematically through the SPM course. It’s a huge merit that those currently working can take part in the program and bring their work experience into the classroom. It is also helpful that you can gain a second hand experience of the expertise of those working in other fields, through active interchange with classmates by team presentation and team project.
After SPM Course I want to share knowledge with co-workers and enhance the project management capacity of my company as a project expert through continuous study and interchange after I graduate. I also want to share my knowledge through seminars and lectures on the outside.
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