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01 Sunghoon KimHanyang MBA
72ndDeputy Department Head of
Abbott Korea
Sunghoon Kim picture The world economy is changing fast day after day and there are not that many businesses confident of their bright future amid various uncertainties. In addition, after experiencing many economic events, our society wants professional managers who have not only the ability but also the moral leadership.

I decided to enter Hanyang University Graduate School of Business while I was unsure of my future. By completing core major courses, my view of understanding business became broader and I gained confidence accordingly. In addition, broad understanding of new business fields became possible through interaction with classmates working in a diverse range of industries. I believe that Hanyang University Graduate School of Business will provide a great foundation to those who aim to realize their capabilities to the full extent in this rapidly changing world of global business.
02Heesun Kim picture Heesun KimHanyang MBA Strategic Management & Venture
Fashion Merchandising & Managing Self-employed Business
MBA is referred to be the "Master of Business Administration", but Hanyang MBA is a curriculum for experts to gain practical management training based on the theory of business administration. You can design various programs from core educational courses to personalized education based on 9 management tracks, namely: Marketing, Management & Ventures, Finance, Organization Behavior & Human Resource Management, Management Information System, Operations & Service Management, Global Business, Accounting, and Corporate Management.

I chose Hanyang MBA Strategic Management & Ventures track, to learn more about professional business strategies as wide-ranging as CSR/CSV corporate culture, Harvard management case, paradigm management/strategic alliances, and M&A for management strategy. To become a female management specialist, I took a management training course of the Hanyang MBA Human Resource Development Program, which aided me in developing my own vision based on the following three concepts: Creativity, Communication and Perspective.

I hope to become a professional CEO through a variety of other learning and global knowledge acquisition different from my previous 15 years’ of experience. I have the following message for everyone: if there is a chance for valuable life in the future, register for the global Hanyang MBA Human Resource Development Program.
Choose Hanyang MBA.
03 Dongkyoon Park Dongkyoon Park picture Seneca, a philosopher in the ancient Roman times, underlined the importance of learning by saying that "as we accept more things, our mental capacity will increase." Moreover, he also said that “there’s no wind that help people who do not know which harbor to go." Paradigm shift in the industrial environment of today is happening at an astonishing pace, and with a flood of information, Hanyang MBA guide you to learn more about the nature of that change as well as the value in this change. A curriculum that enhances the expertise of management, cutting-edge pedagogical techniques provided by both domestic and foreign professors, global exchanges, advanced learning environment, and last but not least, a touching human network will lead you to realize your vision in a more valuable manner.
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