GREETINGS FROM HANYANG UNIVERSITY welcome chang suk-gwon picture Dean’s Message In this ever-changing global business environment, the only way to cope with uncertainty is investing in your education.
We have long recognized this and started to prepare ourselves to provide world-class business education in Korea. We began to exert ourselves to build a top-notch MBA program long before the government certified us as one of the official MBA schools in Korea. As a result, our MBA program has been revitalized to provide transformational experience for corporate managers who are serious about success in their organizations.
At Hanyang University Business School (HUBS), we are committed to both the practical and the academic, combining the freshness and relevance of field-based research with the rigor of academic modeling and analysis. At HUBS you will have access to leading scholars and will be exposed to research that influences management theory and practice. Our MBAs participate in the latest management innovations - innovations that will emerge in the broader business community in years to come.

We believe that global leadership is developed by cultivating innovative insights as well as learning effective management skills. Innovation requires pathways for brilliant ideas to flower into a productive reality. It requires practical business plans, collaborations, and strategic marketing. By emphasizing the power of innovation, general management skills and academic rigor, and with a focus on multidisciplinary and experiential learning, our program will provide you with a lasting foundation for leadership and will change your future life.

The philosophy behind our MBA program is that when students graduate, they will be equipped with everything they need to pursue their career in the business world and the community. Whether they want to manage a major corporation, a startup venture, or a government project, at HUBS, they will build the knowledge base they need to lead organizations that change the world in significant and meaningful ways.

HUBS brings together students, alumni, and industry leaders in a dynamic and engaged community.
We are committed to providing full support for our students not only during their MBA education, but also afterwards as you renew your organization, boost your career or reinvent your future : Hanyang MBA is the key to your success.
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